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Office of the Dean

Mark R. Schuster, Dean of Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine.

We’re Glad You’re Here: A Message from Dean Schuster

Welcome! Thank you for visiting Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine!

We’re building something special in Southern California. And we think it’s a unique opportunity for bright, driven, creative, and committed students who are passionate about knowledge and social justice. 

Do you thrive in diverse teams and supportive environments? Can you see yourself partnering with experienced clinicians, to work with patients from the start of medical school? Do you want to learn with the most state-of-the-art tools available — think of augmented reality instead of cadavers — to better prepare for the future of medicine? Do you want to train to analyze health systems and promote equity? Do you want to understand how where you live affects your health?

This is a new medical school for students who want to improve the health of individuals and communities. It's for people interested in a fresh approach to medical education. And it's for those who recognize that collaboration, empathy, and respect are indispensable in the classroom and the clinic. 

By combining the best contemporary teaching techniques with our own time-tested clinical care strategies, we’ll help you develop the skills and experience necessary to provide and advocate for better healthcare where it’s most needed. 

How will we do it? With the backing of Kaiser Permanente, the groundbreaking integrated healthcare system that serves more than 12 million people across the country through a network of efficient and effective clinics, with vast research departments, and drawing on a sophisticated information technology infrastructure. For decades, Kaiser Permanente has been developing its expertise in education, including with its own residency programs and medical student rotations for other schools. Building on Kaiser Permanente’s history of service and education, we’ve crafted a forward-looking curriculum focused on prevention, population and community health, data analytics, and service to underserved communities. And to lead the School, we have assembled a diverse team of experts in medical education.

This is what we’re offering our students: a nurturing community committed to academic excellence, student well-being, innovation in educational approaches, and equity, inclusion, and diversity. 

I feel exceptionally lucky to be part of this School, where we are applying the best of what is known in medical education to train extraordinary physicians. We see a truly exciting future ahead, and we hope you’ll apply to join our inaugural class of 2024. 



Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD 
Founding Dean and Chief Executive Officer, Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine 

Our Mission

To provide a world-class medical education that ignites a passion for learning, a desire to serve, and an unwavering commitment to improve the health and well-being of patients and communities.

Our Leadership

The School's Leadership Team oversees the planning, design, and implementation of the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. With a diverse membership hailing from around the country, our team comprises national leaders in medical education, clinical care, research, advocacy, and curriculum development.