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Evolving Medical Education for Today's World

Welcoming Students from All Walks of Life

Wherever your journey began, you can find a home at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine.

We champion equity, inclusion, and diversity and believe that the unique perspectives you'll find in your cohort will make you a more enlightened and empathetic professional. You'll also find comprehensive support to ensure your success, because we're committed to your future, at the School and beyond. 

 Hands-On from Day 1

Learn by Doing

As a student at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, you'll have access to Kaiser Permanente's highly effective integrated care system. That means you'll be interacting with patients and other healthcare professionals from the outset of your education, complementing coursework with practical, real-world experience at our clinical training locations.

 Prospective Students

What We Look for in Candidates

We are training a new wave of physicians to rethink how medical science can improve the health and well-being of both individual patients and communities at large. If you're deeply committed to the highest values of the medical profession and motivated to raise the bar for patient-centered care, you'll find your home at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. As part of a vibrant cohort of lifelong learners and compassionate advocates, you'll begin your journey with support and guidance.

Our Application Process

From the MCAT to the Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs) and everything in between, applying to medical school is a significant commitment. We understand the challenges and plan on supporting you by providing detailed information about the admissions process.

 Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition Waived for Our First Five Classes

Students who enroll from 2020 to 2024 will have their tuition waived for all four years. At the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, we believe that financial obstacles should never prevent qualified candidates from pursuing their calling. In addition, we offer generous financial aid packages to help offset the other costs of medical school.

A Vision of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

The School's commitment to supporting and preserving an equitable, inclusive, and diverse student body is a bedrock of our vision. It is essential to our curriculum, admissions process, faculty recruitment, student life, and clinical experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of the most common questions about admissions.

We'd Love to Meet You

Get to know the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine and how we can help you achieve your goals.

The Office of Admissions

Our admissions team seeks highly qualified and motivated applicants who demonstrate the passion and integrity to become outstanding physicians and community leaders. If you have questions about your application or the admissions process, our team is here to answer them and help you explore your future at the School.