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A Training Facility for Tomorrow’s Physicians


Our Simulation Center

Our Simulation Center allows you to fully engage in practicing the foundational skills required to care for patients in a variety of real-world settings, including procedures, clinical decision-making, response to acute emergencies, use of electronic health records, and communicating with patients and healthcare team members.  

Most important, the Simulation Center will be a safe learning environment as you practice new skills and gain confidence in your ability to handle situations with real patients in our clinics and hospitals.

About the Center

In our 8,800-square-foot immersive learning lab, you will practice and learn multiple skills, such as:

  • Patient interviewing and advanced communication skills with actors trained as standardized patients
  • Physical examination with actors trained as standardized patients and anatomical models
  • Documentation, note-taking, and ordering labs and imaging studies in the electronic medical record
  • Management of urgent medical situations with life-like mannequins
  • Clinical procedures with part-task trainers that model portions of the body, and 
  • Communication skills required to practice in interprofessional teams.