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Give Back to the Community, Gain Insight

As a student, you will have an opportunity to use what you’ve learned to help the communities you serve. Just as importantly, you will deepen your understanding of how systemic factors far beyond individual patients and physicians shape the health of entire communities, and how physicians must serve in the broader social landscape to make a difference. Together, these experiences will give you foundational skills and strategies for your career in medicine.

You'll also learn how to recognize social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health, advocate for disease prevention and public health promotion, embrace population care, and collaborate with community partners to help address their needs. Moreover, you'll build relationships with a wide range of patients and populations.

Service-Learning Opportunities

The following service-learning activities are core to the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine's student experience, providing robust opportunities to integrate learning and action.

Service-Learning Curriculum

During our students’ first two years, our curriculum will situate them every month at one community health clinic to address the needs the community has identified. These partnerships are intended to extend the experiences our students have in Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers and enhance their understanding of the complex interplay of social and environmental influences on health and well-being.

Volunteer Opportunities

Wide-ranging volunteer opportunities are available and supported for students, faculty, and staff. Whether preparing meals at a local homeless shelter in Pasadena, supporting health education in the greater L.A. Unified School District, or providing technical assistance to community health workers’ organizations across California, our mission to "improve the health and well-being of patients and communities" is embedded in our educational philosophy.


The School is dedicated to increasing the pipeline of medical students and other healthcare providers through participation in effective enrichment programs across the nation. Our students will play integral roles as teachers, role models, and mentors to the next generation of health professionals.


In promoting the skills of transformational leadership in our students, our curriculum will encourage advocacy and activism in support of the patients and communities we serve. The School's values encourage the social responsibility of our students, faculty, and staff to "challenge the status quo with inquiry and innovation."


Those students interested to conduct research and other projects in community-based settings will have the opportunity to leverage the world-class research resources of Kaiser Permanente to achieve their goals.

Global Health

As citizens of the world, our students will have opportunities to extend their education to settings around the globe, translating their academic experiences into service in resource-challenged environments.

Our Service-Learning Team

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