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Anatomy Beyond Cadavers


A Modern Approach to Anatomical Study

Central to the School’s Anatomy Beyond Cadavers, our Anatomy Resource Center (ARC) provides students with new and exciting ways to learn about the human body. 

In the ARC, you'll engage in case-based, small-group learning that allows you to master all of the anatomical sciences: surface, regional, and cross-sectional anatomy as well as embryology, histology, and diagnostic imaging.

Technology-Enabled Learning

Case-based sessions will include problem-solving activities using a robust array of advanced resources, including:

  • A comprehensive collection of pre-dissected human cadavers and prosections preserved by plastination    
  • A unique set of hand-crafted reproductions of human bones and pathological and trauma elements
  • State-of-the art augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • Advanced digital 2D/3D anatomy 
  • Functional anatomy and virtual microscopy interfaces
  • Portable hand-held ultrasound devices and ultrasound machines, and 
  • Multi-user touch-interface anatomy workstations allowing you to visualize and interact with thousands of actual human structures in 3D and cross-sectional views of the body.

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