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Admitted Students

Congratulations on being admitted to the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine! As you consider joining our inaugural class of 48 exceptional students, please review the following information to learn more about what to expect from your time at the School.

 Our Learning Environment

A Positive Place to Learn

We understand that a supportive learning environment is crucial to your academic success and personal well-being. Mistreatment and disrespect are unacceptable, whether in the classroom, in the clinic, or outside the educational setting.

Our faculty and staff strive to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. We make it easy for you to let us know how things are going so we can continuously make improvements.

 Your Next Steps

What Comes After Admission?

Now that you’ve been admitted to the School, you can focus on the exciting events ahead. To give you a preview, we've highlighted major milestones of your first year.



March 2020 Attend Second-Look Weekend
April 30, 2020 Commit to the School (except for offers made after April 30) or claim your accepted student registration deposit refund
July 2020 Receive first tuition bill (waived for the entering classes of 2020 through 2024)
July 27, 2020 Attend Early Immersive Experience Course and meet your fellow classmates
August 2020 Attend first week of classes

Additional Resources

As you determine whether to enroll, you're probably weighing many factors. To help you make an informed decision, see the following important documents and pages.

Our Policies at a Glance

The following policies answer students' most common questions. For complete academic policies, see the Academic Bulletin.

Attendance and Excused Absences 

Our students are expected to meet the same standards of professionalism as all healthcare providers, including punctual and regular attendance for all academic and clinical responsibilities. However, we work to ensure you can access healthcare when necessary as well as attend to personal needs. We also recognize that unplanned events, such as acute illness, a medical emergency or death in the family, and child care conflicts, may affect your attendance from time to time. See the Attendance and Excused Absence policy in the Academic Bulletin for more information.

Academic Workload and Duty Hours

We believe in balancing an academically rigorous curriculum with comprehensive support for our students' well-being, with enough time for self-directed learning, personal needs, rest, study, and wellness. See the Academic Workload and Duty Hours policy in the Academic Bulletin.

Assessment Policies

Multiple types of assessment give students useful feedback on their progress toward achieving the milestones and competencies of our educational program. Students receive formative and summative feedback and assessment, including verbal and written feedback, as described in the assessment policies, and fair and timely grades.

Standards for Promotion and Graduation

At the conclusion of each course or clerkship and curricular phase, you'll receive a comprehensive assessment of your performance. See the Single Standard for Promotion and Graduation policy in the Academic Bulletin for details.

Confidentiality and Access to Student Records

Student records and transcripts are confidential by law, and available only to members of the faculty and administration unless they are released by the student. For more information, see the Confidentiality and Access to Student Records Policy in the Academic Bulletin.

Positive Learning Environment and Student Mistreatment

You are strongly encouraged to carefully read the detailed Positive Learning Environment and Student Mistreatment policy in the Academic Bulletin. Our School embraces and is committed to the Association of American Medical Colleges position on positive learning environments, which states, “Having a respectful, inclusive, and robust learning environment plays a critical role in developing and sustaining a professional, capable, compassionate, and diverse healthcare workforce that will meet the healthcare needs of all.”

 Contact Us

We're Here for You

The Office of Student Affairs is a great resource for learning about student life at the School. Learn more about what it does, meet the team, and reach out with any questions or concerns.