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We're Committed to Your Success and Well-Being

Student Life at the School

Your time in medical school will account for some of the most rewarding, exhilarating, and challenging years of your life. It will test you and stretch you in many ways, while preparing you to care for patients, advocate on their behalf, and heal communities.

The Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine places a high priority on supporting your well-being and resilience, so that you can thrive throughout your four years. You'll have access to a comprehensive network of support to ensure you find the help you need, when you need it.

Health and Well-Being

Your ability to deliver great patient care depends on your own health and well-being. We provide access to many resources to support your physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs and achieve well-rounded vitality.

Resources include:

  • Academic support
  • Coaching 
  • Fitness spaces and equipment
  • Health coverage
  • Mentoring
  • Personal counseling
 Learning Resources

An Education Enhanced by Technology

Students have access to cutting-edge learning tools and techniques, such as augmented and virtual reality, which offer practical experience and insight.

 An Intentional Culture

We Champion Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

The School's commitment to supporting a diverse student body is a bedrock of our vision. In turn, we expect our students to demonstrate these values, while serving as exemplars of Kaiser Permanente's longstanding dedication to championing social justice and partnering with communities to improve their health and well-being.

Living in Pasadena

Pasadena is a beautiful place to live and study. Just 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, our building in downtown Pasadena will serve as your home for your four years of medical training.


Volunteer in Your Community

There are many opportunities to put your skills and knowledge into practice, while developing a first-hand understanding of the difference you can make to the communities you serve.

"Volunteering in Pasadena and greater Los Angeles not only gives our students an opportunity to give back to the surrounding communities, it also helps them better understand the systemic health issues facing those living around them."

Anne Eacker, MD

Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and equitable learning environment that puts your development and well-being at the center of it all.