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Maintaining a Healthy Balance Can Begin in Medical School

Student Well-Being Is at the Heart of Our School

Support for student health and well-being is woven throughout the fabric of the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. It starts with our commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity and permeates the intentional culture created by our faculty and staff. All of these efforts are designed to create a space where our students can learn, grow, succeed, and lead.

We know that medical school can be challenging and that you'll need to be at your best, physically and psychologically, to succeed. The School provides access to a robust network of resources so you will have the help you need, when you need it.

Supporting Student Wellness

Student Support Resources

Students will have access to academic advising and support, mental health counseling, and workshops on topics such as stress management and test anxiety. Developing resilience skills is part of the required curriculum. The School places such a high priority on helping students develop into healthy, resilient physician leaders that, throughout your four years here, time will be dedicated to participating in purposeful, formative exercises that support your personal and professional development. 

These quarterly sessions are called REACH (Reflection, Education, Assessment, Coaching, Health, and well-being) weeks. All students will also be paired with a physician coach, who will be your confidant and guide, helping you set attainable goals and navigate the challenges of medical school. Coaches are resources to help you form a robust professional identity as you reflect on your experiences and establish goals.

Fitness Center and Resources

The School has several amenities that make it easy to fit exercise into your busy life as a student. Students will have access to a yoga studio, meditation spaces, a fitness center, and healthy food options at our Pasadena building. The surrounding area features walking trails connecting you to Pasadena, which is both highly walkable and bike-friendly. Third- and fourth-year students will also have access to fitness centers at their clinical training locations.

Health Coverage

All students are required to have health coverage, preferably through the School. Students may opt out if equivalent coverage is available to them through other means.

Academic Support

In addition to resources that support students' health and well-being, the School also offers programs and services to help students succeed academically, including career advising, tutoring, and disability advocacy.