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Tuition and Financial Aid

The Cost of Attending the School

The following table itemizes the cost of an education at the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, excluding financial aid and scholarships. 

Tuition Waived for Our First Five Classes

The School will waive all tuition and fees for classes entering in the fall of 2020 through 2024. This waiver will be available for each class for all four years of enrollment. We know that medical school is expensive, and that debt can impact students’ future career choices as well as the type or location of their clinical practice. Our hope is to minimize those concerns for our students.

Of the charges listed below, classes entering in fall 2020 through 2024 will be responsible for living expenses and the accepted student registration deposit. For students with demonstrated financial need, the School will be able to provide substantial grant aid to offset living expenses.

Fee Type

Fee Frequency


Tuition and fees*

(Including disability insurance)


Waived for first five cohorts


Living expenses**

(Covers housing, food, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses)



Health coverage***



Accepted student registration deposit

One Time


Student tuition recovery fund



All costs are estimated and may change, and most are subject to a 3 percent increase each year.

*Students enrolled in the first five cohorts of the School will receive a 100 percent waiver for tuition and fees and disability insurance, for all four years of the MD program.

**Students with demonstrated financial need may be eligible for substantial grant aid to offset living expenses.

***Students enrolled in the first five cohorts at the School will also receive a waiver for the cost of a health plan from Kaiser Permanente, unless they have an equivalent health plan.

Tuition Refund Policy

While tuition will be waived for all students who enroll in 2020 through 2024 for all four years, we have included our tuition refund policy for students considering enrollment beyond those years.

If a student decides to withdraw from the School, they may be eligible for a full or partial tuition refund, in compliance with the State of California's Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) refund policy. 

If withdrawal occurs within the first seven days of the academic term, the student can expect to receive a full refund. However, if withdrawal occurs more than seven days into the term, a partial refund may be granted. 

To learn more about the requirements of the withdrawal policy, refund eligibility, and other related topics, please direct your questions to the Registrar.

Financial Aid

The expense of a world-class medical education is a considerable financial undertaking for anyone. And at the School, it is our goal to work with admitted students to help them manage these costs. In addition to waived tuition for every member of our first five classes, we offer generous resources to help students find and determine their eligibility for loans, grants, and scholarships to finance their education. All incoming students are encouraged to apply for scholarships awarded by outside providers. 

Financial Aid Resources

If you'd like to learn more about the financial aid available to you, the School's Financial Aid Officer can help. You can schedule an appointment to discuss your situation or stop by the office for helpful resources, such as forms, budget tools and spreadsheets, checklists with application deadlines, calculation tools to determine loan amounts, and helpful links.

Explore your full range of options for financial aid: