Academic Support

Guidance to Help You Succeed

The Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine believes students need holistic support to thrive while pursuing a medical education. To ensure you have the help to succeed academically, we'll connect you with a learning specialist during the Early Immersive Experience.

We understand that being an exceptional student requires positive mental health and resilience, so you'll also be assigned a Reflection, Education, Assessment, Coaching, and Health and well-being (REACH) physician coach, who will help you balance academics with your personal health and well-being, and assist you in setting goals and tracking your progress.

In addition to your learning specialist and REACH coach, you will have access to resources, programs, and workshops designed to help you succeed as a student.


Academic Support and Advising

During the Early Immersive Experience, you'll meet the learning specialist who will work closely with you throughout your four years at the school. They'll support your academic endeavors and be one of many important resources in preparing for board exams.

Support Resources

The following resources will help you find the support you need and ensure your success at the school.

Student Health and Well-Being

In addition to supporting your academic success, the school gives you access to resources that support your physical and mental well-being, such as counseling services and a fitness center, so you're ready for the challenges of a rigorous medical education. On the Student Health and Well-Being page, you can learn more about the resources we offer.

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