From British Medical Journal:

Thanking Patients for Their Contributions to Research

Recognition of those who help make advancements possible encourages a cultural shift in medicine, says KPSOM’s Kanter

March 14, 2022

Though patients who participate in medical research may experience the pain and fear associated with illness and treatment, they often are not thanked in the published works of the physicians and/or researchers who use patient medical data. Acknowledging patients in research publications is essential to strengthen the partnership between researchers and the people whose data is studied and shared. This practice also highlights the humanity of patients and their contributions to medical care, according to a new paper co-authored in British Medical Journal by Michael Kanter, MD, KPSOM Chair of Clinical Science.

The article notes that medical science advancement depends on patients willing to be mined for research as well as those who take part in clinical trials. Oftentimes, patients’ participation is not acknowledged in research publications, and Dr. Kanter and co-writer Suzanne Schrandt argue that these exclusions are indicative of a research and medical culture that gives less consideration to patient experiences than it should.

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