Study Backs Unified Systems-Based Practice in Medical Education

KPSOM faculty research emphasizes the need for a unified approach to medical education in the United States

August 17, 2023

Dr. Lindsay Mazotti and Dr. Jung G. Kim, KPSOM faculty members

Dr. Lindsay Mazotti and Dr. Jung G. Kim, KPSOM faculty members

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine (KPSOM) faculty members Jung G. Kim, MPH, PhD, and Lindsay Mazotti, MD, coauthored a study accessing the challenges and opportunities in improving physician training in the United States. Graduate medical education (GME) programs face particular difficulties in implementing systems-based practice (SBP) as a core physician competency. To advance SBP competence at various levels, the study proposes an integrated multilevel data model that assesses and evaluates SBP. The authors explain that limited understanding of the interactions between graduate medical students, programs, and health systems contributes to suboptimal educational outcomes related to SBP.

By integrating health system and educational SBP performance data, the researchers aim to foster an empirically driven approach to residency education. The study also suggests collaboration among national leaders to produce integrated datasets linking health systems and GME institutions, which is essential to improving health outcomes and meeting societal needs. 

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