From BMC Health Services Research:

Student Joined Research to Help Stroke Patients in China

Before med school, Jacqueline Xu collaborated with researchers in newly published study

October 01, 2021

Before she had even started medical school at Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine, first-year student Jacqueline Xu was involved in a collaborative research study between scientists in China and the U.S. to understand how to improve medication adherence for stroke patients in China. The study’s findings were recently published in BMC Health Services Research, an open access, peer-reviewed journal focusing on health services research.

“I loved collaborating with my China-based colleagues and reconnecting with my personal, cultural heritage. Although the Chinese health system is different from the U.S. system in some ways, I felt parallels between the patient experiences in China versus U.S.,” said Xu. 

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