From Kaiser Permanente Thrive:

Strengthening Doctor-Patient Relationships

KPSOM’s Litman and Williams share communication and self-advocacy tips for improved healthcare

April 04, 2022

Kerry Litman, MD, KPSOM Assistant Professor of Clinical Science and Physician Lead for Person and Family Centered Care at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, and La Shawna Williams, MD, KPSOM Instructor of Clinical Science and Physician Director of Care Experience at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California, weighed in on how patients can strengthen their relationships with doctors while advocating for their own health in a recently published Kaiser Permanente Thrive article. 

“Advocating for your health: How to build a stronger relationship with your doctor” shares the importance of explaining health concerns to a personal physician through open and honest communication. The piece also encourages patients to advocate for themselves, find a doctor who meets key preferences and needs, and ask questions and take notes during doctor’s visits. 

If a physician’s level of concern does not match that of a patient, it is better for the patient to be safe and request a second opinion. “As doctors, it is our job to reassure you that you are safe,” said Dr. Litman. “You can get your doctor’s attention with ‘CUS’ reframing: ‘I’m concerned,’ ‘I’m uncomfortable with your diagnosis,’ and ‘My top priority is my safety.’”

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