From Pediatrics Perspectives:

Researchers Explore Links Amid Inequity and Child Maltreatment

Commentary examines policies on child welfare and offers solutions

August 01, 2022

Paul Chung, MD, MS, KPSOM Chair of Health Systems Science, was the senior writer of a commentary entitled “Universal Child Care as a Policy to Prevent Child Maltreatment,” which was published in the July 12, 2022, issue of Pediatrics Perspectives. In the piece, Dr. Chung and fellow researchers analyze systemic racism and inequity in connection to child maltreatment and explore the nature of past policies centered on child maltreatment that were far less preventive and more reactive. The article further examines current policy concerning childcare and child welfare and explores spending levels in the Build Back Better plan and the policy’s broader implications for maltreatment, foster care placements, fatalities, and more. 

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