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Researchers Develop COVID-19 Deterioration Index

KPSOM faculty co-author study to identify hospitalized patients at high or low risk

January 23, 2024

COVID-19 virus close-up

A team of researchers has developed a COVID–19-specific deterioration index for hospitalized patients to help forecast respiratory deterioration events in patients with COVID-19.

The study “Development and Validation of the COVID-19 Hospitalized Patient Deterioration Index,” which was published in the December 2023 issue of The American Journal of Managed Care, details the findings. The paper was co-authored by 16 researchers, including 9 from the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine: Benjamin Broder, MD, PhD, CPPS, Member of the Faculty, Health Systems Science; Robert M. Cooper, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Clinical Science; Michael K. Gould, MD, MS, Professor of Health Systems Science; Cheng-Wei (Charlie) Huang, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Clinical Science; Vang Kou Khang, MD, MBA, Clinical Instructor of Clinical Science; Luis M. Moreta-Sainz, MD, Member of the Faculty, Clinical Science; Claudia Leonie Nau, PhD, MA, Assistant Professor of Health Systems Science; Joon S. Park, MD, Clinical Instructor of Clinical Science; and Adam L. Sharp, MD, MSc, Adjunct Associate Professor of Clinical Science and Health Systems Science.

A retrospective observational unit was used on a sample of hospitalized patients from Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California region with COVID-19 diagnoses or positive tests between May 3, 2020, and October 17, 2020, and the study was used to develop and authenticate the COVID Hospitalized Patient Deterioration Index (COVID-HDI) model to predict respiratory deterioration or death among hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Ultimately, COVID-HDI was able to identify patients at low and borderline low risk proving to be a precise, economical, and easy-to-implement model that supports actions around escalation of care and discharge. 

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