From 4sightHealth:

Challenging the Orthodoxy of Medical Education

KPSOM’s Innovative Approach in Training Medical Professionals is Recognized

April 25, 2022

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine (KPSOM) and three other new medical schools were highlighted in the March 24, 2022, issue of 4sightHealth for the schools’ groundbreaking methods of training medical professionals. The article “Overcoming Medical Orthodoxy (Part 2): Reinventing Medical Education” notes that “these schools have developed innovative approaches for training medical professionals to manage the health of distinct populations holistically and cohesively.”

The article shares how KPSOM, Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, The University of Houston College of Medicine, and The Whole Health School of Medicine and Health Sciences are challenging the orthodoxy of medical education with curricula that promote interprofessional, interdisciplinary team-based care, emphasize social intervention and chronic disease management to advance health equity, and encourage healthy living in addition to treating disease.

The piece shares that the collective teachings of these schools include the following tenets: “1) practical, active and collaborative learning; 2) deep engagement with patients and communities; 3) holistic approaches to personal health and professional development; and 4) integration of technology, economics and innovation into learning.”

Abbas Hyderi, KPSOM Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education was quoted in the article stating, “We felt this [the new medical school] was an opportunity to shape the future of medical education, and to disseminate change more broadly.”

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