Udochukwu (Udo) Obodo, PhD



Biomedical Science

Dr. Udo Obodo is a Cell and Molecular Biologist serving as a small group cofacilitator for the Integrated Sciences Courses at KPSOM. Dr. Obodo is an experienced researcher in the field of DNA damage and repair, with publications addressing both the biological mechanisms driving the generation and repair of DNA lesions, as well as the socioeconomic determinants that render individuals or populations more susceptible to exogenous genotoxin exposure. While conducting her graduate school research, Dr. Obodo also delved into the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). She looks forward to continued exploration of SoTL, particularly as it relates to medical education, and hopes to leverage new learnings to make significant contributions to teaching and learning at KPSOM.

Faculty headshot of Udochukwu (Udo) Obodo, PhD

Education and Training

BA, with honors, Macalester College
PhD, Vanderbilt University
Postdoctoral training
Fellowship, City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA

Professional Positions

Staff Scientist
City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, CA
Instructor, Biomedical Science
Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine

Scholarly Activities

Selected peer-reviewed research manuscripts
  • Zierold C, Carlson MA, Obodo UC, Wise E, Piazza VA, Meeks MW, Vojvodic RW, Baraniuk S, Henry TD, Gee AP, Ellis SG, Moyé LA, Pepine CJ, Cogle CR, Taylor DA. Developing mechanistic insights into cardiovascular cell therapy: Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network Biorepository Core Laboratory rationale. American Heart Journal. 2011 December;162(6): 973-980. 
  • Linder GE, Chuntova PD, McLelland BT, Añó L, Obodo UC, Crider NJ, Matthes DJ, García-Ojeda ME, Manilay JO, Chatterjea D. Semaphorin 4A is dynamically regulated during thymocyte development in mice. Journal title. Cellular Immunology 2013;281(2): 150-158.
  • Obodo UC, Epum EA, Platts MH, Seloff J, Dahlson NA, Velokovsky SM, Paul SR, Friedman KL. Endogenous Hot Spots of De Novo Telomere Addition in the Yeast Genome Contain Proximal Enhancers That Bind Cdc13. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2016 June;36(12): 1750–1763. 
  • Ashing KT, Song G, O’Connor T, Obodo U, Abuan F, Dawson CT, Tiep B, Macalintal J, Yeung S, XieB, Tsou M. Spatial and Descriptive Analysis of Smoke and Vape Shop Locations Focusing on a Cancer Center Neighboring Catchment Area. Papers in Applied Geography. 2021;8(1): 61-71.
  • Ashing KT, Song G, Tiep B, Presant C, Obodo U, Macalintal J, Yeung S, Sandoval J, O’Connor T. Does neighborhood or residence influence continued smoking among cancer patients: a spatial-ecological and descriptive analyses brief report. Cancer Causes & Control. 2023;34: 389-398
Conference Presentations
  • Dawson CT, Ashing KT, Tiep B, Macalintal J, Yeung S, Song G, O’Connor T, Obodo U, Presant C. Applying geospatial strategies to examine tobacco/vape shops and socioecological context with lung cancer and and cardiovascular disease outcomes. [abstract]. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention 2020:29(12 Suppl): Abstract nr PO-064.
  • Ashing KT, Tiep B, Macalintal J, Yeung S, O’Connor T, Xie B, Obodo U, Tsou MH, Song G, Abuan F, Dawson C. A geospatial approach to explore the socioecological context of tobacco and vape shop locations. [abstract]. Cancer Research 2020:80(16 Suppl): Abstract nr CT087.
  • Dawson C, Obodo U, Song G, O’Connor T, Tiep B, Presant C, Macalintal J, Yeung S, Tsou MH, Xie B, Amini A, Ashing K. Using spatial mapping of tobacco/vape shops to examine their association with cardiovascular disease and lung cancer outcomes. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 2021:55: S501.