Senior Director for the Office of Assessment and Evaluation; Associate Professor

Health Systems Science

Anne T. Vo, PhD, CE is Associate Professor of Health Systems Science and Senior Director of Assessment and Evaluation at the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine where she leads the development and execution of the school’s educational evaluation strategies and policies. As a research methodologist and systems scientist, Dr. Vo has provided consultation services and evaluation support to more than 35 social services programs and organizations—publicly and privately funded, single- and multi-site, community- and university-based. Her academic and field work addresses the question of whether the social contract between programs and the communities they serve are still “good”. Using community-driven and equity-oriented methods, she works alongside program partners to answer such questions as: How do we know (1) if resources were invested in ways that maximized social value; (2) if these efforts delivered expected outcomes while mitigating unexpected harms; and (3) if benefits were equitably distributed? She has held regional and national leadership roles with the American Evaluation Association, American Educational Research Association, and the Southern California Evaluation Association. Dr. Vo has published in journals such as the American Journal of Evaluation, New Directions for Evaluation, and Evaluation and Program Planning. She has also published and edited such works as Evaluation Essentials: From A to Z; Evaluative Thinking; and Evaluation Use and Decision-Making in Society.

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