Director of Information Technology Services

As the Director of Information Technology Services, Christopher Cuttriss is responsible for the management, strategy, and execution of the information technology (IT) infrastructure for the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine (KPSOM). He provides oversight to technical projects that align with the school’s goals and directs the effective delivery of networks, development, and disaster recovery systems and processes. He serves as the principal point of contact between the school and KP IT, partnering to identify and develop solutions to deliver new academic technologies and administrative platforms.

Prior to joining the school, Mr. Cuttriss spent his IT career at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) beginning in 2009, culminating as CalArts’ acting Chief Information Officer. Throughout his role, he pioneered a new paradigm of service delivery for faculty, students, staff, and alumni that resulted in a sustained 99.6 percent satisfaction rating from the school community over seven years. Through his time at CalArts he transformed traditional IT services through purposeful, practical applications of psychology and a laser focus on the customer experience. In addition to his technology role, he remains CalArts’ longest serving Staff Council President (2013-2017), a position representing the institute’s 350+ staff members who support the institute’s senior leadership and Board of Directors.

His academic career has consisted of both artistic pursuits and professional practices, beginning with the study of computer engineering at Cuesta College, computer science at Moorpark College, and photography at Ventura College, culminating in a BA in Film, Cinema, and Television Arts from California State University, Northridge.

A headshot of Christopher Cuttriss, BA