Moe Aboufares, MBA, CPA


Interim Senior Vice President and Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance

Moe Aboufares came to Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine after his founding role at the California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) as the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Administration. In his tenure, Mr. Aboufares established the administrative functions of CUSM and managed its financials from inception until steady state, meeting its financial targets per the business case he created. Mr. Aboufares’ role also involved extensive work with accrediting bodies, bond financing and compliance, and campus planning and development.

Mr. Aboufares’ prior experiences involve optimizing financial operations in the healthcare services industry in the US and the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, he served as a strategy consultant in the United Kingdom and Persian Gulf across different industries. 

As Interim Senior Vice President and Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, Mr. Aboufares is responsible for the school’s continued management and sustainability, directing the planning and implementation of its operational and financial aspects, advancing new initiatives, and managing administrative functions. He facilitates administrative linkages between KPSOM and its key partners, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals and the Permanente Federation.

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Education and Training

BBA, BSc, American University of Beirut
MBA, Columbia Business School
MBA, London Business School
CPA, California Board of Accountancy

Professional Positions

Founding Chief Operating Officer, Founding Chief Financial Officer, Founding Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Administration
California University of Science and Medicine
Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Finance
Prime Healthcare Services
Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Marketing and Communications
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi - SKMC, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Strategy Manager, UK and Ireland; Strategy Consultant, Middle East BV
Accenture, Abu Dhabi, UAE and London, UK
Research Assistant, Department of Physiology
American University of Beirut School of Medicine