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A headshot of Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD

Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD


Dr. Steven Jacobsen directs the research programs for the Kaiser Permanente Southern California region and the Department of Research and Evaluation, with over 30 faculty in epidemiology, health services, and related research. He serves as Principal Investigator for the CDC-funded Vaccine Safety Datalink and has directed several large-scale, FDA-mandated, post-licensure safety studies. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, he was Professor and Chair of the Division of Epidemiology in the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Jacobsen is a chronic disease epidemiologist with a longstanding interest in men’s urological health, cardiovascular disease, and vaccine research. He has a long track record of extramurally funded research and has authored or co-authored more than 500 papers in the peer-reviewed literature. He currently serves on four editorial boards for peer-reviewed journals, and has served on numerous NIH study sections and advisory panels.

Education and Training

  • BS, summa cum laude, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Graduate Fellowship Recipient, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MS, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • MD, Medical College of Wisconsin


Selected Prior Positions

1993-2001 Head, Section of Clinical Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic
1992-1995 Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
1993-2006 Consultant in Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic
1995-1999 Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
1999-2006 Professor of Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
2002-2006 Chair, Division of Epidemiology
Mayo Clinic
2006-present Director of Research
Southern California Permanente Medical Group
2009-2011 Research Professor
University of Southern California


Selected Honors and Awards

1986 Thomas Hale Ham Award for New Investigator, Research in Medical Education
Association of American Medical Colleges
1997 Elected Fellow
American College of Epidemiology
1998 Elected Member
American Epidemiological Society
2005 Best Abstract
First International Conference on Urogenital Disorders, from Gene to Clinics
2013 Dr. Jacob Brody Distinguished Alumni Award
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health Alumni Association
2013 American Journal of Epidemiology Article of the Year
Adapting Group Sequential Methods to Observational Postlicensure Vaccine Safety Surveillance: Results of a Pentavalent Combination DTaP-IPV-Bib Vaccine Safety Study

Selected Publications

Selected peer-reviewed research manuscripts

  • Tartof SY, Qian L, Rieg GK, Yu KC, Sy LS, Tseng HF, Hechter RC, Jacobsen SJ. Safety of seasonal influenza vaccination in hospitalized surgical patients: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med. 2016;164:593-599.
  • Reading SR, Porter KR, Hsu JY, Wallner LP, Loo RK, Jacobsen SJ. Racial and ethnic variation in time to prostate biopsy after an elevated screening level of serum prostate-specific antigen. Urology. 2016;96:121-127.
  • Tseng HF, Sy LS, Ackerson BK, Hechter RC, Tartof SY, Haag M, Slezak JM, Luo Y, Fischetti CA, Takhar HS, Miao Y, Cunnington M, Solano Z, Jacobsen SJ. Safety of quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine in 11- to 21-Year-Olds. Pediatrics. 2017;139.
  • Ackerson B, Hechter R, Sidell M, Sy LS, Slezak J, Chao C, Patel N, Tseng HF, Jacobsen S. Human papillomavirus vaccine series completion in boys before and after recommendation for routine immunization. Vaccine. 2017;35:897-902.
  • Wallner LP, DiBello JR, Li BH, Van Den Eeden SK, Weinmann S, Ritzwoller DP, Abell JE, D’Agostino R Jr, Loo RK, Aaronson DS, Horwitz R, Jacobsen SJ. The use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors to manage benign prostatic hyperplasia and the risk of all-cause mortality. Urology. 2018. Epub.
  • Sim JJ, Zhou H, Bhandari S, Wei R, Brettler JW, Tran-Nguyen J, Handler J, Shimbo D, Jacobsen SJ, Reynolds K. Low Systolic blood pressure from treatment and association with serious falls/syncope. Am J Prev Med. 2018. Epub.