Director of Simulation and Technology

Ms. Merino is the Director of Simulation and Technology with overall responsibility for direct end-user support of experiential learning activities and content delivery to the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine’s medical students. Her roles include the strategic planning, budgeting, and management of the Standardized Patient Program, Simulation Lab Operations, Anatomy Virtual Reality Lab, and the Entrada learning content management system.

Ms. Merino brings over 22 years of experience supporting graduate education to the school’s team. She was the Instruction Development Manager for a top-20 business school and led the delivery of training workshops to MBA students. She was the Head of Information Technology and led the staff that supported a health sciences library contracted with the National Library of Medicine. She was the project lead for delivery of computer lab services for medical students at a nationally respected school of medicine. She implemented a $2 million telemedicine and videoconferencing project to connect remote clinic and classroom sites for a small, urban medical school. Most recently, she was the founding Administrative Director at Western Michigan University School of Medicine’s Simulation Center that was awarded accreditation in teaching and education by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Ms. Merino earned a Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health in a special dual degree program at University of California Los Angeles. She studied health services policy, hospital administration, budgeting, and accounting, and completed her thesis on a cost-accounting method for Medicare reimbursement. Ms. Merino has taught spreadsheet analysis, health economics, and accounting to students of graduate programs. She has presented at medical and simulation education conferences on topics such as medical school information technology, faculty learning communities, and data management for simulation center operations.

A headshot of Sylvia Merino, MBA, MPH